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NEX NX-SF-G100 black Garlic Fermenter, Gold

NEX NX-SF-G100 black Garlic Fermenter, Gold

Quantity: 100

This fermenter maintains its versatility to ensure it works perfectly.
Having fresh black garlic is of huge importance to health.
1.100% Natural & Fresh
2.Boost Appetite
3.Multiple Functions
4.Strong antioxidant capacity

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The production of black garlic involves zero additives in order to maintain its natural tastes of sweet and sour, in the shape of a fruit. It is very convenient to peel and eat. The versatility of black garlic is literarily limitless. From eliminating fatigue, resolving constipation and increasing physical strength to improving sleep quality, it can also be used to make dishes. The natural taste and smell of black garlic ensure natural breath while its natural fermentation process ensures there are no irritations to the stomach and eyes.
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Technical Specification:
Input Voltage: AC230V 50Hz
Input Rated Power: 90WAmbient
Operating Temperature Range: 0 Degree C to 45 Degree C
Humidity Range: ≤90%
Volume: 5.0 Liter

Operating Data: For count down from 288 hrs to "0" hr.
Between 288-216 hrs, ferment box temperature Approx 80 Degree C
Between 216-192 hrs, ferment box temperature will keep on amblent temperature
Between 199-0 hrs, ferment box temperature Approx 72 Degree C
Dimension: 11x11x11 inches
Net Weight.: Approx 8.3 Lb